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Welcome to the official Aeru IRC project Web Site. Aeru IRC is a IRC client written in C# for currently the Microsoft .NET Framework only. The client is based on RFC 1459(Internet Relay Chat Protocol) and RFC 2812(Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol). They are 5 members working on Aeru IRC and the leader of the project is MichaŽl Larouche aka Shock The Dark Mage. The project is on alpha status.

History of the Aeru IRC project.

I(MichaŽl Larouche aka Shock) have begin this project near February 2002 when I was consulting my book on C# and it has a example of a "IRC client" who was using a MS Access Database for storing discussions and users. This was not a REAL IRC Client. The IRC protocol is much better than a MS Access. So I begin to hack the FTP client example and make a little terminal to send RAW commands. I was using the .NET Framework Beta 2.

In April 2002, I got Visual Studio .NET 2002 with .NET Framwork RTM. So I begin to make the GUI and little implantation of the IRC protocol. In this version of the code, the GUI was better than implantation of the IRC protocol because I was focusing on the GUI rather than the socket and IRC protocole so it was bad. I stopping working on the project because of lack of interess.

But in November 2002, I decided to restart from stratch, with focusing on implanting socket and IRC protocol. I starting designing the client the 4th november and the first working was on 8th november. It was a little terminal who was parsing somes reply message from the IRC server. As long, the client was growing up and the GUI was forming. At March 2003, the IRC protocol was almost finish(missing DCC and IDENT server) and the client was usable for daily use. Also I got a new member, Alex Egg, who made the splash screen.

But I take a little break to focus more on school work. During that time, I was thinking adding multi-server function. But with this current code, this would take a lot of rework and I also realised that the code was a little bad. So I remake the design of the program but keeping closer with the current code for easier adapation. The code was splitted into 3 assemblies, AeruIRC.IRC for IRC protocol, AeruIRC.Core for utilies functions and AeruIRC.GUI for the Windows.Forms GUI. This new codebase is currrently in work in the CVS. On June 29th, I got people for helping making the client: Martin Lťvesque aka [rypt0, …tienne Bernier Gosselin aka Burger and William Myatt. I am very happy from their contribution to the project.

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